Roadmapping Aikido Into the Future

Communities of Aikido are important, in imagining what aikido looks like in the future respecting the traditions of the various styles that come together, celebrating the similarities and being open to exploring the differences is pivitable. rediscovering our shared purpose – that of mutual respect and willingness to share and learn from each other and also a vocabulary that can be used to express what is happening that is understandable to all.

There was a lively discussion of the role of atemi and weapons and how relevant they are in the post-war version of Aikido that most of us are learning. And why often Aikido is not seen as martially effective and whether we want to change that perception or continue with the ‘branding’ of the Art of Peace. The general consensus was that as a martial art there needs to be an understanding of the martial roots and how to ensure that the techniques can be viable ‘on the street’ but that a lot of people are practicing for other reasons (including social, health, mental health and conflict resolution).

As communities grow, the resources they have at their disposal also grow and the concept of ‘not re-inventing the wheel’ was seen as highly desirable. There is a wealth of experience (sometimes hard won) in our respective circles and a willingness to freely share these resources was seen as a community building activity helping to ensure a core of information that can help any club become established and grow into the future.

We touched on the subject of Internal Power and the different takes and understandings and this has become the topic of the next event on the 31st of July. There was also a general consensus that holding a friendship seminar would be desirous and something that all the attendees would like to see.

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